Sweet tooth hack + Lu’s birthday + our anniversary!

Nothing sounded good for breakfast Thursday morning, so I made some steel cut oats with egg whites, topped with brown sugar and peanut butter.


I had a pretty easy day since it was our last day of school. I spent some time on the computer, then spent two hours reading. I finished my book! Rhea snuck in some cuddles. Recently, I have read “The How and The Why” (about adoption), “The Orphan Sisters” (set during wartime, two sisters are orphaned and grow up together), and “The Hypnotist’s Love Story” (a quick, goofy read).


Lunch was the last of our taco pasta – this is the best salsa. Ever.


I had a sweet tooth attack in the afternoon, so I mixed together plain Greek yogurt (almost a cup) with a scoop of chocolate protein and a scoop of collagen. I added a splash of chocolate milk to get it to a pudding consistency. SO. Good.


When Jake got home from work, we went on a 20 mile bike ride, which was amazing, then we grabbed dinner out because our house was being shown. We grabbed Fit Bowls from The Rock. I got tofu in mine and it was delicious. We sat outside Great Escape to eat and sip on good beer while enjoying the weather. I had the new cherry sour from Great Escape and it is incredible!

IMG_1570IMG_1567 2

The girls were excited about their outing.


Lulu’s 7th birthday is tomorrow!! I can’t believe it.


We are the most impatient people on the planet when it comes to giving each other presents. Our anniversary is Tuesday, but we exchanged gifts last night. I got Jake an AleHorn, which I just thought was super cool. He loves beer, so this was the perfect unusual thing to get him. He loves it! You can read more about them HERE.


Then Jake won the best gift of ALL time – he got me (us) recovery sleeves! I have wanted a pair for years. I can’t remember the ones he got for us, so I’ll share that after we get to use them. Basically, you put your legs in these sleeves and then they compress with air for faster recovery. I will share some better pictures once we actually get them out. I am STOKED.


This morning, I met Brittany at the Y for a cross training class. We had matching leggings on, so we HAD to document it. I have missed group fitness classes!


It’s our anniversary weekend, so we are going to spend it together! That’s really all we know at this point. I’m excited.

Happy Friday, friends!

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