Weekend Wrap-up!

Another weekend that FLEW by! We had such a fun weekend, but I definitely could have used another day…Friday was spent working on building one of my courses for the summer. I read research articles ALL day. Here’s part of the stack I read. I am thankful I’m a fast reader! I got my entire class planned, so now all I have to do is build it online.


I ate lunch on Friday around 10:45 because I was starving. I had the most delicious taco salad. MMM.


After lunch, I decided that I should read my articles outside. I spent two hours in the sun, which felt amazing…


I came inside and saw this. Whoops. I got a little bit of a sunburn.


I showered and lathered on some aloe, then Jake and I headed to Galloway for dinner. We are SO happy they are open again!


Saturday morning started with a 15-mile run at Wilson’s Creek. We ran 3 loops, which are each 5 miles. It’s a great place to train! There are SO many hills…I was whooped when we finished.


I love my new Saturday tradition of Chick-fil-A breakfast after a long run. A chicken biscuit really hits the spot! After breakfast, I mowed our yard. By the end of Saturday, I had 32,000 steps. My legs were toast!


After I mowed, I had a massive wrap and these hummus crackers I found. They are delicious. I’m a sucker for anything crunchy.



Lu stood like this for a long time watching the squirrels in the tree. She’s so goofy.


My friend, Alex, got this mask for me. She gets me.


Saturday was Jake’s Dad’s 50th birthday, so we headed to a surprise party for him! One of his friends has land near one of the trails we love to run. They have the coolest set-up!


They has this beautiful creek on their land, too. We had a blast celebrating Jake’s Dad and getting to see everyone.


Sunday morning, I slept in and spent the morning in my pajamas, which was wonderful, then Jake and I headed out for an easy bike ride. I got to wear my new helmet, which fits SO much better than my old one. I got a Smith helmet and I am obsessed.


We rode 12 miles, then stopped for a beer at Hold Fast. It was so nice to be outside all day.


After Hold Fast, we picked up a sandwich from Pickleman’s and rode over to Tie and Timber for another beer and a picnic. We ended with 20 miles for the day. I love spending Sundays like that!


When we got home from our ride, we hung out with the girls on our porch. Lu is better at selfies than I am…


Dinner Sunday was all kinds of deliciousness from The Pitch. We shared wings, brussels, and a pizza. Everything was phenomenal.


I am SO tired today. I didn’t sleep great, so maybe that’s why. I went to a cross training class this morning, which was hard, then grabbed groceries. I need to meal prep, clean, and do lots of computer work today, so it’s going to be a busy one! I am ready for bed already…HA!

Happy Monday, friends!

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