Sometimes you just need a breakfast burrito + quick meal prep + sleeeeeepy!

I was so hungry after my workout class Monday morning, I decided I needed a massive breakfast burrito as soon as I got home. This hit the spot! Eggs, egg whites, turkey, ham, spinach, and almond cheese. YUM.


After breakfast, I started on a quick meal prep for the week. Breakfast this week is baked oatmeal and lunches are chicken Caesar pasta salads. I had never made baked oatmeal before, but had always seen it on different sites and wanted to give it a try. WOW. This smelled so good while it baked. It was so easy to throw together, too.


Here’s the nutrition information. This made 9 servings for us.

Here are the ingredients. I mixed everything together in a big bowl, topped the mixture with one of the four bananas, then baked at 375 for 40 minutes. That’s it! So simple.


Here are lunches: Banza Chickpea pasta, chicken, spinach, iceberg lettuce, parmesan shavings, and this dressing. I love throwing pasta noodles in salad.


Nothing sounded good to eat for my own lunch, plus we had some leftovers that needed to be eaten up, so I had some ground turkey and tortilla chips for a quick lunch in-between computer work and meal prep.


My adorable sister-in-law’s birthday was yesterday, so we celebrated with Jake’s family last night. Chels and I took a birthday shot…you can tell how it went for her based on her face in the second picture. HA!


I got my shirt and medal for the virtual half I did a few weeks ago. I was sad I didn’t get to actually run the race course for this event, but I will try again a different year. This was from the Bentonville Half. I love the shirt, so I wore it for my run this morning.


I have been so sleepy this week. It was hard to get out of bed this morning and my legs definitely felt super tired. We knocked out 6 miles, which go by MUCH faster when you have friends to talk to!


Holy yum, this baked oatmeal is delicious. I heated it up for 40 seconds and then inhaled it…


Happy Tuesday, friends!

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