Busy + so hungry all day + is runrise a thing?

My sister, Piper, told me that she didn’t like leopard print and Eleanor would never wear it. Well, like a good big sister, I immediately bought my precious niece a couple of leopard print items. My sister is now hooked and buys Eleanor ALL the leopard clothing. She sent me this picture yesterday – so adorable! Sorry, Pipe…kind of. ; )


When you’re not allowed in the kitchen while Mom is cooking, but it’s just SO hard to follow the rules…


I. Love. This. Lunch. Spinach, iceberg lettuce, chicken, Banza chickpea pasta, shaved parmesan, Caesar dressing, cherry tomatoes, black pepper, and balsamic glaze. Yes, please.


Yesterday was so busy. Actually, this whole week has been busy. I feel like I wake up, run, work, eat dinner, go to bed. There’s no time in-between for anything! I like being busy, but man, things feel extra hectic right now. We have a lot going on, so I think that’s adding to our already busy schedule. I’m not complaining, though! I am thankful we are busy. I spent the day on my computer, taking breaks to work around the house, then Jake got home from work. I made a quick dinnerĀ  for us – tilapia tacos with brussels in the AirFryer. So. Good. I put ghee, maple syrup, black pepper, and garlic powder on these brussels. It’s a delicious combo.


After dinner, Jake went to our storage unit to organize it and I spent another hour on my computer. When Jake got home, we all crawled into bed and watched an episode of Designated Survivor. Rhea really needed cuddles. I would pet her, then she would lay on my hand, then she would get mad that I stopped petting her…it was a vicious cycle.


Apparently it’s Global Running Day! I started my day with a sunrise run (runrise?!) before going to a cross training class at the Y.

I have been running for almost 16 years. Wow. I can’t believe that…I started running the summer before my junior year in high school when I joined the cross country team. When I started, I was chubby and kind of hated running…there were boys on the team, so that was my main motivation. ; ) It took a few months, but I grew to love running and have been hooked ever since. I think a huge part of my love of running is due to my amazing cross country coach, Nick Russo. He’s one of a kind and is still out there running and encouraging people. I had some pretty terrible coaches over the years…one in particular…who ruined another one of my favorite sports. The experience was awful, but I grew from it. I am SO thankful I found running and realized there were good coaches out there other than my Dad, who was also one of the best coaches. So thank you to the good coaches out there – and thank you running, for giving me friends, my health, my sanity, and at times, total emotional break-downs. Each mile makes me stronger and each run teaches me something about myself.


Post run and workout breakfast – baked oatmeal, eggs, and sausage links. SO hungry.


Off to spend another day on my computer! The course I am teaching this summer starts Monday, so I am finishing it up and getting ready to start my new job. I. Am. Pumped.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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