Where is time going each day?! + I couldn’t survive without lists + this dinner was the bomb!

I am so obsessed with this meal for lunch. Chicken Caesar pasta salad. So. Good. I look forward to lunch every day.


Any other list takers out there?I don’t think I could survive without lists. I write out my days in hourly segments, which helps me stay on track, then I list items that need to be taken care of during that time. Lists are life over here. I FINALLY finished building the course I am teaching this summer. I am SO excited for it to start on Monday. It’s called Literacy and Technology – it’s going to be fun!


The best snack – celery with PB and tortilla chips. Lu agrees.


We had tilapia tacos again for dinner, but this time I used Slap Yo Momma cajun seasoning – holy yum. I also cooked some zucchini in the AirFryer with teriyaki coconut aminos. This dinner was incredible. And so easy to make!


After dinner, we took the girls on a walk and then a short drive. We were both pretty worn out…as you see in this picture. I took it, showed it to Jake, and we both said yikes. HA!


When we got back home, we watched an episode of Designated Survivor and I used our AirRelax on my sore legs. These compression sleeves help SO much.


It was storming when I woke up and I was SO tired, so I slept in instead of meeting the girls to run. I am going to knock out some work then hop on the treadmill for some easy miles. I can’t believe it’s Thursday…this week FLEW BY. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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