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The LAST thing I wanted to do yesterday was run. I had a lot to do around the house, was sleepy, and just didn’t feel like it at all. At 8:30AM, I told myself I was getting on my treadmill at 11AM no matter what. I had a friend tell me about a new Netflix show called Unorthodox, so I told myself I could start that once I started running. It ended up working out perfectly. I knocked out 8 miles and enjoyed a new show. I texted Jake the second I hit 8 miles and told him what I did. He said he was super proud of me. He is always so supportive, which I love. I felt SO good the rest of the day knowing I had done something I hadn’t wanted to do. Oh yeah, Unorthodox is really good, too!


I had lunch as soon as I finished my run. I have loved this chicken Caesar pasta salad this week. I had an Orange Zevia with lunch, too. I love Zevia when I am craving a soda or something sweet. They have a ton of flavor, a lot more than fizzy waters, so they’re perfect when I have a sweet tooth.

I had a date night with my sister-in-law last night. I was searching for a pair of earrings and found these cactus ones I had gotten a few weeks ago. I love them!

These are the earrings!

For dinner, Chels and I went to Cesar’s, which is always amazing. I had their taco salad and a sangria. I am obsessed with their sangria.


After dinner, I surprise Chels with Trops. Her 22nd birthday was Monday and she had been trying to go for a few days, so we grabbed a couple drinks and went back to my house. Jake was working late, so he missed out on all the fun.


I hadn’t had Trops in maybe 5-6 years. I forgot how delicious it is! The sugar hurt my stomach, but I couldn’t stop sipping on mine. I got the raspberry lemonade, which was amazing. We just hung out and chatted on the couch. Our Chelsea date was a blast!

Jake is starting a new work schedule on Sunday, so he works some strange hours. He is off today, so we are going to hang out, organize our storage unit, and try to go on a bike ride later. I have a long trail run in the morning – our Trail Sisters group is meeting again! I am so excited. It will be so nice to see everyone again.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Happy Friday, friends!

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