Weekend Wrap-up!

Jake was home with me on Friday, so I was confused all weekend on what day it was. HA! He has started working new hours, so he is working on the weekends for a few months. He had Friday and Saturday off before starting his new hours on Sunday. It will definitely be different having him work on the weekends, but it came at a great time since I am now 100% working from home. I can switch up my schedule to better match his. We are super thankful for that! Little Lu had a hard time getting up Friday. This girl loves her sleep…like me.


Breakfast on Friday was the last of the baked oatmeal with some scrambled eggs on the side.


Lunch on Friday was a wrap with spinach, chicken, roma tomatoes, almond cheese, and Caesar yogurt dressing. Mmm.


Friday called for a bike date to Brew Co for dinner and delicious craft beer out of our mugs. They have a new margarita sour that is incredible. INCREDIBLE.

This girl is the best cuddler…she’s almost a heater. I don’t know how she deals with all that fur.


Saturday morning started with some trail miles. I woke up with a bloody nose, so that was super fun. Maybe one day I will outgrow nose bleeds…


These views will never get old. Trail Sisters Springfield met at Two Rivers for our first run back since March. It was wonderful.


Trail time is just good for the soul. I ran 5 miles with Jordan then we met the group for another 6. 11 trail miles for the day made me one happy girl.


So thankful for this group of amazing, strong women.

Post-run breakfast was a massive burrito with salsa and hot sauce.


We had a busy day Saturday, then enjoyed the cooler evening weather by sipping on Old Fashioneds and listening to a little live music. It was wonderful.


Jake went to work Sunday morning and I had some oats before heading out for a bike ride.


I met Kayla and we headed out to ride some farm roads. My legs were toast after my trail run on Saturday. I had a hard time keeping up with Kayla on the hills, but I managed to knock out 20 miles in the heat. Maybe one day I will feel like I’m a little bit in shape…maybe.


After our ride, I went to the grocery store and got started on meal prep. These blueberry overnight oats are going to be AMAZING.


Here are the ingredients and nutrition information. Just mix everything together and put in the fridge over night! SO easy. I will make enough for the week, so I did 10 servings of this – everything here is for a single serving. The blueberries are about a 1/4 of a cup and the almond milk was half a cup. I couldn’t change the measurement on those (it’s in grams).

This is a happy fridge. I love starting the week with meals prepped for the week and an organized fridge. One less thing to worry about each day! Breakfast is blueberry overnight oats and lunches are burrito bowls for Jake and maybe a smoothie/leftovers for me.


These are my all-time favorite puffs. They’re SO delicious. I could eat the entire bag in one sitting…I got these at Mama Jean’s, but you can also use the link below. Amazing.


Here’s a link for them…trust me, you should get more than one…

I had been craving sushi for a couple of weeks, so when Jake got off work Sunday, we went on a little sushi date. This hit the spot. So delicious.


Sometimes after dinner, you just need Andy’s. The girls got to go along to get pup cones. They were in Heaven. Rhea rests her head on whatever she is closest to…it cracks me up.


Happy Monday, friends!

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