Make this for breakfast + CrossFit + MNR!

Holy yum – these blueberry overnight oats are AMAZING. I think they’re my favorite that I’ve made. So delicious.588C6238-60EE-49A0-82C7-DD1EDEE8093F

Here are the ingredients and nutrition information again. I just mixed everything together in a big bowl (I made 10 servings – this ingredients and nutritional info here are for a single serving), mixed everything together, then portioned it all out and put it in the fridge. So easy!

Thanks, Alex, for my cheetah mask! I love it. I got my nails done Monday morning and we have to wear masks, so I rocked this one from Alex. I have shared this before, but I used to get anxiety when I got my nails done at the salon…I hated those dremel drills they use. In my experience, they were always getting too hot, which burned my nail bed and/or they would knick my cuticle. I was always on edge about getting hurt. I have had a couple cuticle cuts that were super painful and took forever to heal. I just didn’t feel like it was worth it. BUT, I have gone several times lately and none of that has happened. Knock on wood!


Lunch for me was leftovers. Mmm. Spinach, chickpea pasta, chicken, cherry tomatoes, Caesar yogurt dressing, and balsamic glaze. The girls are always jealous of my food.


Jake worked from 4-12 last night (that’s one of his new set of hours), so when he left for work, I headed out to the garage to do a little lifting workout. I have been missing CrossFit, so I found an EMOM (every minute on the minute) to do. I was drenched when I finished! I woke up sore today, which I figured would happen.


After my workout, I made a quick dinner of sweet potato rounds, coleslaw, and bbq shredded chicken. It was delicious.


After dinner, I met my Dad and Kayla for a bike ride! We try to ride on Monday evenings, but the past two weeks were so busy it didn’t happen. I was glad to get 10 easy miles in with them last night. We beat the storm that came through later that night, too. Win-win.


The sky was gorgeous before it started storming.


Happy Tuesday, friends!

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