Treadmill motivation + Tuesday date + garage sale time!

When you break the rules about being in the kitchen while someone is cooking, at least keep it classy. Rhea always has her front legs crossed. It’s adorable.


I did not feel like running yesterday, so I used my new Netflix show, Unorthodox, as motivation. I knocked out 4 easy miles while watching.


More leftovers for lunch: spinach, shredded chicken, Banza chickpea pasta, Garlic Expressions dressing, and balsamic glaze. This was a Jake-inspired meal. It was delicious.


In my post yesterday, I mentioned Jake having new work hours for a couple months, so he was off yesterday. We had a little date at Galloway for dinner. I was craving their wings, so I chowed down on a plate of them. Jake had the BLT and he was pretty excited about it…

I met Alex to run a couple miles at 5AM. I attempted to foam roll before we started…Rhea just thought it was time to play. I ran 5 miles with Alex and Rhea and then one with Lulu. The weather was perfect this morning! A little chilly and super windy. I loved it.


I was starving after my run, so I came inside and had breakfast immediately. It’s days like today that make me so thankful I meal prep. I needed food ASAP.


I am having a HUGE garage sale Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! Tons of clothes, decorations, kitchen stuff, outdoor furniture, etc. Let me know if you want the address! I will post it on my social media pages, too.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Lindsay

    Any home decor that you want to get rid of?!? Just kidding! How is the house sale going? Any buyers yet? When do you move into your new place? Did you have sausage links with your overnight oats?

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