YUM + beat + garage sale!

We had a busy day getting ready for garage sale today, Friday, and Saturday. Wednesday was filled with delicious food, packing, a short nap, more packing, and a little bit of relaxing on the couch. Some of our plants have started flowering, so I enjoyed them last night. These crackers are amazing. Lu has started to nap under our couch like this all the time. I think Rhea was attempting to cuddle…Jake and I were pretty worn out from packing all day, so it felt good to sit down for a little bit.

It’s going to be a busy day garage sale-ing! I have already sold a TON of items this week, so that is really nice. Here’s a brief update on our situation: our house is under contract and we close the week after next. Jake and I lost out on TWO places we put offers on, which is okay! We decided to rent an apartment for 6 months while we look. We have something in the works, but I will share more details on that later! : )

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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