Weekend Wrap-up: tiny edition!

This weekend. Woof! We had a huge garage sale Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I also had a get-together that had been planned for a month and a baby shower. It was a little chaotic, but it was a wonderful weekend and I got to spend it with a lot of my favorite people. Our garage sale went really well. We donated everything that didn’t sell, so that helped make a lot of room in our garage. Lu was very helpful in selling shoes…


I worked the garage sale on Friday from 6AM until about 2PM. My birth-mom, Dawn, picked me up at 2 and we went to meet one of her best friend’s and my new sister-in-law for a drink. For new readers, a quick recap that won’t do this story justice, but I could write a novel on the topic, so I’ll keep it brief HA! – I am adopted. I met my birth-mom when I was 25 – she is amazing and we have a wonderful relationship. My parents love her, too. I just recently met my brother, which has been another awesome experience. I have a full-blooded sibling, which is pretty uncommon for adopted kids. I feel very blessed for all these relationships! My brother is married to a super sweet woman who is so fun! She had been wanting us all to get together for a little girl time, so we finally planned something for Friday. I had no clue we would be in the middle of moving and a garage sale, but it was a nice little break from both! Dawn and I drove to meet everyone in her convertible, which was a blast.


We had so much fun chatting and catching up!


After our girl time, Dawn dropped me off at home and I met Kayla for dinner. We went to La Paloma and I had their veggie quesadilla, which is my favorite.


Saturday morning, I started working on the garage sale at 6AM again. I had a baby shower to go to for one of my besties, so around noon, I showered and got ready for that. It was HOT on Saturday at our sale, so I was ready to be finished with it. I left out a few clothing items other than sweats, shorts, and t-shirts while I was packing since I knew I had to look presentable a few times throughout our move. I finally got to wear my $8 Walmart dress that I tie-dyed! I love how it turned out.


I cannot wait for Otis to be here! Katie, you looked beautiful and are going to be the best Momma! <3 Love you BIG!


My friends, Sam and Kayla, were also at the shower, so we sat in the back and ate too many cupcakes. Sam and I left early since I had the garage sale and her in-laws were in town, but it was nice to get away for an hour or so! After the baby shower, I changed back into shorts and a tee and we loaded up all our garage sale stuff and took it to a donation place. It felt so good to get all of that stuff out of our garage. My parents took Jake and I out to dinner Saturday night, then we were both in bed by 8PM. I didn’t hate it.


Sunday morning, I grabbed breakfast with Jake before he went to work, stopped by my parents’ house to hang out, then came home and got started on packing. I packed from 10AM until about 4PM. I got A TON accomplished. Rhea was guarding our door from intruders. I love her little crossed paws. I took a few breaks in there to spend some time on my computer, so that helped to break up the monotony of moving.


All of our closets and storage areas are packed. The kitchen is also packed – I just kept out things we will be using this week. Our guest bathroom is all packed up and most of my office. It’s getting close! Since we will be in an apartment for 6 months before moving into a house, we are packing things in groups. We have a pile for our storage unit that we won’t need until our house is ready and another pile that we will need in the apartment. I sold most of our big furniture since we will get different things in 6 months, so that will help A LOT with moving.


Around 3:30PM on Sunday, I decided I needed a Truly to help me finish packing. It did help!


Jake got home from work and we decided Thai sounded amazing. We got take-out from our favorite Thai place – Everyday Thai. YUM. I always get their Pad Thai with tofu and Jake and I share an order of spring rolls. Their peanut sauce is out of this world. The best part? Jake and I both only ate half of our meals, so the leftovers will make two meals for him to take to work. Win-win.

We move Thursday, so it’s crunch time. It’s been a little hard to figure out our schedule with Jake’s new work hours, but we are making it work! Jake is someone who loves to be busy and on-the-go, which is hard when he needs to be using his time off as time to rest. I think it’s especially hard for him to rest now since we are in the middle of a move. Hopefully, once we get all moved, he will get some more downtime. He works till midnight a couple nights a week, so he deserves LOTS of downtime. He is much stronger than I am – I would not be able to function working his hours. He crushes it and never complains. It impresses me!

Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Good Luck with the move. Hopefully you find the PERFECT “furr-ever” home soon. I am sure that living in an apartment is going to be a BIG adjustment for you guys! Does your apartment have a garage at least??

    • papersandpavement

      Hi, Lindsay! I am hoping I finally fixed the weird issues with my responses…I hope you get this! We do not have a garage at the apartment, unfortunately. We do have a storage unit, so a lot of our stuff is in there! : )

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