All. The. Boxes. + easy dinner idea + bike ride fun!

We have been packing up and taking loads of things to our storage unit. Yesterday was HOT and poor Jake spent a lot of the day in the attic and in the storage unit. He’s my hero. I helped him with one load and I took a short nap after…no joke. HA!


I made this super quick and easy meal for dinner last night. It was phenomenal. Ground beef, cauliflower rice, ghee, and coconut aminos. Once everything was cooked (I browned the beef, then added a bag of frozen cauli rice – so easy!), I topped mine with almond cheese and balsamic glaze. I LOVED this meal.


After dinner, I met Kayla for a bike ride. We went on a super hilly route, which kicked my butt. I ended with 18 miles for the day. We grabbed a beer before we headed home. Great Escape has the best patio.

Jake worked last night, so I took the girls on a short walk after my ride, then we all climbed into bed.


Sometimes you just need to eat a protein mug cake while watching New Girl in bed.


I FINALLY got a run in! I hadn’t gotten any miles in since Thursday, so it felt amazing to be running again. Kayla, Alex, and Rhea all joined.


Happy Tuesday, friends!

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