Day date + Galloway love + almost there!

Jake’s days off right now are Tuesday and Wednesday, so we had a day date at Brew Co in-between packing yesterday. Our house is just about all packed and everything we don’t need in our apartment is in our storage unit. We are both excited for this apartment. The thought of no yard work all summer and having access to a pool that we can be in in under 60 seconds is pretty amazing. We think the next 6 months will be wonderful!


I wanted Brew Co’s new margarita sour, but they were out of it when we were there, so I got their Thai Squeezed sour. SO good. I love all of their sour beers. Plus, any excuse to drink out of our mugs…


After lunch, we took one last load to the storage unit, then packed until dinner time. We met Jake’s parents at Galloway to celebrate an early Father’s Day since Jake will be working on Sunday. Oh, by the way, this is your reminder that Father’s Day is this Sunday! ; ) Jake and I shared the wings and a salad, which were both delicious.


Lu loves having all these blankets to sit on. Today, we are packing up anything that is left, I will mow for the last time, and then we will load up our trailer! We start moving bright and early tomorrow morning!


Happy Wednesday, friends!

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