Weekend Wrap-up: Moving Edition!

I was planning to get posts up Thursday and Friday, but things were crazy, so it just didn’t happen. We are officially moved into our apartment for the next 6 months! We are almost unpacked and it’s starting to feel like home, so I am thankful for that. I don’t like having boxes taking up space, so I try to get unpacked as quickly as possible. We close on our house Tuesday, so after that, everything will be officially official. Jake and I are excited to have an apartment through the summer. I plan to be at the pool A LOT this week. I cannot wait!

Let’s rewind to Wednesday – I had my first meeting with UALR (University of Arkansas at Little Rock), which is where my new job is located. It was so fun to meet some of my colleagues and share/hear ideas about online learning/teaching. I am still in shock about my new job as a reading professor. It’s my dream job, so it’s just taking some time to sink in that I get to teach online every day. I’m in love. I am teaching one course right now and it is amazing. I love every second!

After my meeting Wednesday, we grabbed dinner at a new place called Catrina’s with Kayla and Wade. It was incredible. Jake and I shared the fajitas, which were delicious. After dinner, Jake and I packed up our trailer, the van, and Lola (my GX). We started moving Thursday morning.


The girls met me to run Thursday morning before Jake and I started moving. It was the best way to start moving day!


Jake and I moved everything ourselves. Jake got help putting our washer and dryer and a huge wooden armoire in our storage unit, but other than that, he and I got everything moved into the apartment. I have been so sore since Thursday. HA!


We got almost everything moved Thursday by 2PM, then Jake laid down for a little nap because he worked 4PM to 12AM that night. I don’t know how he does it! I worked on unpacking. My Mom and my friend, Michelle, came over to hang out for a little bit Thursday evening. Michelle brought dinner from Galloway, which was delicious. I failed to take pictures again until Friday night. Kayla and Alex came over while Jake was at work and helped me move our plants from the house to the apartment. We grabbed dinner at The Pitch and had the most incredible sangria.


Saturday morning started with a little walk with the girls before heading to meet the Trail Sisters Springfield group for some trail miles.

We knocked out about 6 miles of trail. We were covered in cobwebs when we finished. I was reminded why I prefer winter running….I hate spiders. I grabbed a smoothie from Mama Jean’s after our run. It hit the spot!

I spent Saturday loading up some of our last items from the house, then got cleaned up and went to an event with FitLife Magazine. A shower and a little make-up made me feel like a new person!


I got to participate in a kayak give-away, which was so fun! The winner of the kayak, Lizzie, was SO stoked about her new kayak. Thank you, FitLife, for being so amazing!


After the give-away, I came back home to unpack a little more. My parents came over in the evening for a drink and dinner out to celebrate Father’s Day. We went to a new sushi place in town called Niji. It’s SO good. Highly recommend!

After dinner, Jake and I sat on our deck and relaxed a little bit.


We both slept in a little Sunday morning, which felt so nice. Rhea was not super happy with the sleeping in idea and Lu was hungry, so the relaxing was short-lived. Jake had to be at work at 8AM Sunday, so he didn’t get to sleep in very much.

I spent the morning on Sunday cleaning our old house. I took the girls with me so they could run around in the backyard while I cleaned. We are almost totally out of the house, just a few more things to grab. I had a random lunch of leftovers around 2PM Sunday.

Jake got home from work on Sunday around 5PM and we went to meet his Dad and step-Mom for a beer. As we walked into the brewery, Jake’s Mom, step-Dad, and sister were sitting at the table with his Dad and step-Mom – they just happened to stop by for a beer, too! We had already taken Jake’s step-Dad out for dinner Tuesday (Jake thought he might be working late Sunday night), so it was extra special to spend the evening with everyone! We all grabbed dinner at The Rock, too. Jake and I are pretty excited about our apartment, even if it’s only for a few months. I’m trying not to think about moving again…here’s proof we still like each other after our move! HA!


Happy Monday, friends!

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