The best smoothie place + pool time! + I slept for a LONG time…

My friend, Kayla, got me hooked on HealthyEdge smoothies. I crave them. I could eat one every single day. I tried the cake batter smoothie yesterday and it was fantastic. If you are local and like smoothies, check them out!


I came home to Lu sitting on her food mat wanting breakfast…she takes after her Momma. Food is life.


I had a super fun photoshoot with Brandi, then Jake and I grabbed lunch at Galloway. We shared the BLT, which is one of our favorites.

After lunch, we headed to the pool for a few hours. It. Was. Wonderful.


I went to bed at 7:30 last night…then did not get up until 6AM. I must’ve needed some sleep!


It was so nice to run in the sunshine!


Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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