A product review about FRÉ + this was delicious + all the calories…

I am super excited to share a review about FRÉ’s skincare routine with you! FRÉ reached out to me about a month ago about using their product for a review and I was pumped since FRÉ is designed for women who workout. My skin is always kind of angry (red, breakouts), so I am willing to try anything to help with blemishes that are caused from sweating…which I do all the time since running, riding, and lifting are part of my everyday life. After using FRÉ for a little over a month, I can say I am super impressed. Not only is it an incredibly lightweight product, it also has the best citrus scent and makes my skin feel fantastic. FRÉ is a three-step routine that fights sweat-induced damage (dehydration, breakouts, redness, aging) and promotes a healthy glow.


Step 1 is Purify Me, which is a hydrating cleanser. This cleanser has a gentle exfoliation, which felt amazing. My skin always felt clean after using this cleanser. It didn’t leave a residue like some other cleansers I have used. I was worried about using this since I usually have some kind of acne fighter in my cleanser, but I didn’t breakout, so maybe I don’t need that extra stuff in my cleansers. I was pleasantly surprised!


Step 2 is Revive Me, which is a deep replenishing serum. I liked how light this felt on my skin, but I could definitely tell it kept me moisturized. I really loved the scent of all of these products, too. It’s a really light citrus scent, so it wasn’t overpowering, but it smelled clean and refreshing.


Lastly, Step 3 was probably one of my favorites. It’s called Protect Me and it is an ultra-light moisturizer with 30 SPF. This was PERFECT for me before a run or ride. I am really bad about remembering to put sunscreen on my face before working out, so it was really helpful to have an SPF in my daily moisturizer. I also loved that this didn’t burn when I started to sweat with it on OR run into my eyes with sweat. It’s such a light product that it didn’t make my face white like regular sunscreens. I highly recommend!


All FRÉ products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA certified. I love supporting companies who stand for these things. FRÉ also offers a 100% money back guarantee – you can’t beat that!


FRÉ gives back, too! For every set sold, they plant an Argan tree is Morocco to empower the women who harvest the Argan oil. So cool.  FRÉ has also given me a discount code for you! Follow THIS link or use the code CHELSEABR for for 25% off! Enjoy! Overall, I would say I really loved this line of skincare and I will definitely continue to use it! (They’re also offering 45% off on a lot of their products right now, so check them out!)


Here is a picture of my skin (one with make-up and one without) after using FRÉ for a month.

Okay, back to some regular blog stuff – lunch and dinner yesterday were both at our apartment. Finally! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy eating out, but sometimes it’s nice to eat at home. We had wraps for lunch and then I made a quick tuna salad before a bike ride. Two packets of tune, a little olive oil mayo, and some sweet relish. YUM. This was super delicious.

I needed a little pre-workout before my ride, but I didn’t have a ton left, so I drank it out of the container so I didn’t waste any. HA!


Huge thank you to Angela for planning this ride! It was a blast. I am really enjoying my bike, so I want to try and do any group ride that I can. I really enjoyed this one because everyone went their own pace. Last night was so fun!


All rides should end with a beer or two. We started and ended our ride at Great Escape, which was perfect. A cold beer is just what we wanted after 20 hot miles on our bikes.


Between my run in the morning and our ride last night, I burned all of the calories yesterday. HA! I woke up starving this morning, which makes sense.


Jake worked last night, so these two hogged the bed. I don’t mind since they’re so cute.


Today is my Mom’s birthday! Huge happy birthday to this beautiful 60 year old! Love you, Mom!


Happy Friday, friends!


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  1. Wendy

    Hi-I wanted to know if you had any thoughts on using lash extensions versus applying daily mascara (as I do for work).

    • papersandpavement

      Hi, Wendy!

      I used to have lash extensions and I loved them! I really liked not putting mascara on but always looking like my lashes were ready to go. I stopped getting extensions about a year ago. I miss them, but I don’t miss the money I was spending on them, HA! It took awhile for my real lashes to grow back, but once they did, I am pretty happy with just having my natural lashes.

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