Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was a busy one! I feel like things are KIND OF starting to slow down a little. Jake and I are both so thankful that our move and sale of our house are out of the way. I unpacked our last box the other day, so we are feeling settled in our apartment. 6 months until we get to do all of that again…as long as things go as planned!

Breakfast all last week was diced sweet potatoes, roasted broccoli, tofu, and two eggs. YUM.


I spent most of Friday at the pool. I started this new book, Eat & Run, which Alex loaned to me. It is SO good. I read almost a hundred pages while lounging at the pool – I didn’t want to put it down.

One huge perk of being in an apartment for the summer – the pool! We are taking advantage of the pool any chance we get.


Lunch on Friday was tuna on top of spinach with a little mayo and sweet relish. Jake, the girls, and I sat on our deck and enjoyed lunch. Rhea was so cute with her little paws hanging over the edge.

I may or may not have gotten a little too much sun at the pool. Whoops!


Any time I get too much sun, I use this stuff – Burn to Brown. We swear by it! I have never peeled after a burn when using this stuff. I also love the oil (the second picture), but it’s best if used WITH sunscreen, which I learned the hard way…

Friday evening, I headed to my Mom’s birthday party. She turned the big 6-0! I wore my new earrings from Alex. I am obsessed with them. They’re the best blue and are super lightweight. She’s so crafty. Thank you, Alex!


We had the most delicious food for my Mom’s party. My Mom just wanted to have a small gathering at her house for people who felt comfortable coming, so that is exactly what we did! It was perfect.

This is my friend, Adrienne, who I have known since I was in preschool. I call her Mother Huffer because she is a year older than me and I have followed her around for years – we went to the same elementary and middle school, then the same high school, and then the same college. She taught me how to write a check when I was 15. She’s the best!

Saturday morning I woke up with the worst migraine. I forgot to wear my blue light glasses on Friday when I was working on the computer, so I think that was part of it. I didn’t run at all this weekend, which was strange. I usually have a long run on Saturday, but my migraine had other plans. Rhea felt bad for me and laid like this on my legs for a long time. When my head finally stopped throbbing, I made a delicious breakfast – egg and veggie scramble, half a bagel, and some turkey sausage.

Saturday evening, I met Jake at one of our favorite breweries – Great Escape. I love that we are able to walk to a ton of places by our apartment.

Sunday morning consisted of a 25 mile bike ride with Kayla. We started early, which was nice since we kind of beat the heat of the day.


I think this smoothie picture was taken Saturday, but I honestly can’t remember – Healthy Edge Nutrition has the best savory smoothies. I cannot stop drinking them. I had their PB Oreo smoothie and it was outstanding. Jake and I love these chips, so I grabbed a bag while I was out getting groceries. I could eat the entire thing in one sitting. I LOVE chips. They’re my weakness. I don’t buy these very often because I have zero self-control with them…

Our apartment kitchen has very little storage, so we found this adorable hutch to use for spices. I love it.

Dinner Sunday night was at The Rock. We shared their buffalo cauliflower bites and a tuna salad. The buffalo cauli bites are delicious, but super rich. We were both disappointed in the salad and won’t get it again. We love their cauliflower crust pizza, so that’s what we should’ve stuck with.

After dinner, we went on our 5k walk (Jake is doing a 5k a day while he figures out his new work schedule). The girls are loving it. Lu was pretty pooped when we got back. She chugged water then crawled into bed. HA!

I am off to do a little laundry, spend some time working on my computer, lift, and go on a bike ride! It’s going to be a great day!

Happy Monday, friends!

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