Meals + back to Monday night rides + Rhea is sneaky

Monday morning started with a delicious egg scramble, half a bagel, and a veggie patty. Jake and I ran a few errands after breakfast, then it was time for lunch. I made a big pot of ground turkey, grains, and veggies, so we’ve been having that on top of spinach. Plus a few chips on the side…

Monday felt like a really long day. I did a little computer work, worked around our apartment, then met my Dad and Kayla for a bike ride. I love our Monday bike rides. It’s a good way to end a Monday.


Dinner was cajun chicken with veggies from the AirFryer. YUM.


Jake worked Monday night, so after dinner, the girls and I relaxed on the couch for a little bit. Rhea isn’t allowed on the couch, but she needed cuddles, so she put her upper body on me, but kept her back legs on the ground. She sure thinks she’s sneaky. She laid like this for a LONG time. I didn’t mind the cuddles.

She kept giving smooches and trying to bite her sister. We went a few pictures to Jake. She’s such a goof. She has got to be one of the most loving pups.

Coffee at 4:30AM tastes SO good. I have been struggling to get out of bed in the mornings, so I was determined to get up when my alarm went off today. I did it!


Rhea and I met these two pretty ladies for some morning miles. I ended with 7 for the day, which felt great. Probably because I hadn’t gotten any miles in since Thursday of last week…whoops!


The second Rhea and I got back from our run, Lu wanted to be fed. She will just stare at me until I feed her. I guess I get it. I’m always hungry, too.


I am going to knock out some computer work, then I’m hosting my first “Chats with Chelsea” with my students this summer. I told them I wanted to have an informal time for us to talk and they liked the idea, so we will see how that goes this morning. I am excited to get to see their faces in real time. My course is through Blackboard, so we will be using Blackboard Collaborate (similar to Zoom or Skype) to chat this morning.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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