Lu loves sleep + my first Chats with Chelsea + I love these…

Tuesday post-run stuff: big breakfast and messy hair. Lu found the only area of things I haven’t put away yet and slept on them. We haven’t put our rug down in the living room, but I guess she’s okay with that because it looks like it made a great bed for her.

I hosted my first Chat with Chelsea with my students yesterday. It was so fun! I loved getting to see their faces and talk to each of them in real time. I busted out my headset from when I was Skyping into classes. So classy. ; )


I have these blue light blocking glasses. They save me from headaches when I am on my computer a lot. Plus, they’re super comfortable. I highly recommend getting some if you spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen. Here they are in clear.

HereHere they are in black.

After my meeting, Jake and I grabbed lunch. We finally tried Team Taco and we were both super impressed! I got their rice bowl with veggies and it was outstanding. This was definitely enough for 2-3 meals for me, so I saved the leftovers.


After lunch, I took a short nap, then knocked out a big chunk of a writing piece I have been working on. I think writing is going to be the hardest part of my new job. I need to get a certain amount of publications out each year. I have published two articles on my own in the past, but have collaborated with other professors on my other publications. I have to be in the mood to write otherwise I just sit and stare at my screen. I need to find a way to make myself be in the mood to knock out some writing. I think once I do that, it will be a much smoother process. When I am writing, I started with getting an outline figured out, then I start writing bullet points under each item in the outline. Once I have all of that, I will start putting together paragraphs. It works pretty well for me!

After a little work, I headed to a meeting with some girlfriends. We learned about digital course creation, which was super interesting. I had this for dinner…so healthy. ; ) I never drink out of plastic water bottle because I drink half of one in a single gulp. I am so used to drinking out of my 48 ounce Nalgene that I feel like I chug all water. I went through two water bottles, which made me feel bad. I had forgotten my Nalgene at home.

Necessities. I was out of my Truly hard seltzers, so I made a stop on my way home. The lemonade ones are out of this world. SO good.


Poor Jake – he’s off work Tuesday and Wednesday, so he tries to catch up on sleep on those days while also enjoying his “weekend”. I need a lot of sleep, so I don’t know how he does it. He’s impressive.


Here are some of my recent Amazon purchases!

I got this tank in blue. I love it.

This is the best adhesive bra ever. I ordered one a year ago and JUST had to order another this week. I am super picky about bras and I love this one. I like the thickness of it, it stays in place (even when I sweat), and it’s the right amount of sticky. I get the size C bra and am usually a 34C/D.

Our pups love these antler chews. They last them a long time.

This is hands-down my favorite collagen. I think I have been using this one for a little over a year and I can really tell in my hair and nail growth. Plus, I think it helps keep my joints healthy with running.

I got this swimsuit in marble and it is so cute! I am a size 4-6 (probably more 6 right now) and 34C/D, and got a large in this. It fits perfectly.

I am ready for the sunny weather to come back – I want to spend some time at the pool! It has been super overcast this week so far. I am ready for some sunshine!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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