That hurt + a fun date night + all the humidity!

Jake and I both slept in Wednesday, so we didn’t head out for our run until 9AM. Holy humidity. It was hard to breathe! We ran our last mile at an 8:00 pace, which really hurt and we were both drenched when we finished. I love that we can run together. It makes my heart happy.


While I was showering after our run, Jake made the most delicious breakfast using our leftovers from Team Taco. This hit the spot!


After breakfast, I hunkered down in my office for a few hours to knock out some work. My hair stayed sweaty all day…


Lu was super over me being on my computer. She wanted me to hold her the whole time I was trying to work. I usually let her sit on my lap while working, but she being ornery yesterday. She eventually pouted in-between two legs of my desk like this. She’s such a hot mess.

Jake and I had a little date night last night. We went on a bike ride, grabbed dinner at The Pitch, then rode home. It was so nice. The Pitch has a super delicious sangria and we love their cauliflower crust. This dinner was amazing.


After dinner, we took the girls on a walk, then relaxed on the couch watching Designated Survivor. We are on the last season of this show and have really enjoyed it!

Humid morning miles with these three! Real friends will squat down in a picture so your pooped pup can be included. Rhea is mildly spoiled.


Breakfast! Half a bagel with PB and honey, a veggie patty, and an egg and veggie scramble. YUM.


This week is FLYING by. I feel like I can’t keep up! Anyone else feeling that same way? I feel like today should be Tuesday instead of Thursday…oh well!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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