Weekend Wrap-up: 4th of July Style

What a fun weekend! Friday morning started with a breakfast date with Jake. We went to First Watch and shared their avocado toast and salmon bagel. Both were delicious!


After breakfast, we drove around for a little bit, then headed to the pool. Here’s your daily reminder that rolls, cellulite, and stretch marks are normal. : )

Here’s the suit I’m wearing! I LOVE it. The bottoms are reversible, too.

Lunch after the pool was a chicken wrap with spinach and strawberry jelly with carrots and hummus.


One of my guy friends from high school was in town with his amazing wife, so I met them for a drink. Our friend, Adrienne met us, too. After our drinks, Adrienne and I grabbed sushi, where we ran into Jake’s parents!

We inhaled this entire plate…it was amazing.


Saturday morning started with a run! I slept in a little bit, so it was pretty toasty when I started. I swear by Chaois Butt’r for chafing. My sports bra rubs my ribcage sometimes, so I apply this and it helps SO much!


Here’s a link! This one is specifically designed for women.

I had a total dogmom fail…I knew Rhea would want to run, so I took her out with me. It was WAY too hot for her. We ran 6 miles then found a shady spot to sit and wait for my sister to come rescue us. Rhea was so happy to be in an air conditioned car.

I dropped Rhea off at our apartment, squeezed my sister a huge thank you for saving us, then headed for 4 more miles. I ended up with 10 miles for the day. It had been a LONG time since I had knocked out 10 miles.

It was HOT. I tried to do a fast finish at the end, but I had chosen a very sunny spot to finish up and it kicked my butt.

The best post-run lunch? Tortilla pizza! This had chicken, spinach, BBQ sauce, and dairy-free cheese.

The girls and I had a relaxing afternoon. I did a couple hours of computer work then we cuddled a lot. This first picture caused a fight because Rhea ‘booped’ Lu in the face.

When Jake got off work, we headed to Highland Springs for some 4th of July fun!


We have delicious food, good drinks, and lots of friend and family time. Eleanor (my niece) and I played in the water…until she soaked my white shorts, making them see-through. HA!

This isn’t the best picture, but the moon was GORGEOUS. It was a full moon and we could see it behind all of the fireworks.


This is what curly hair looks like after being outside in the world when it’s hot…Sunday morning was spent in bed, working on the computer for a couple of hours.

I got a new kit! I am so excited. It’s by Skratch, which is one of my favorite companies – Jake and I use their products when we race.


I knocked out 20 solo bike miles at Wilson’s Creek. It was the perfect day for a bike ride.

I stopped by the grocery store after my ride – holy yum. This cashew queso is out of this world. Jake and I went to Brew Co for dinner and had their new salmon appetizer. It was phenomenal!

Happy Monday, friends!

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