These two…+ I can’t stop + bikes & pizza!

Rhea is so obsessed with Jake. There is no doubt that he is hands-down her favorite. I’ve accepted it. Also, this wasn’t some picture I took in a sneaky way. Jake knew what I was doing and still made this face! Ha!


We had delicious burritos for breakfast Monday morning. If that’s not the best way to start your day (other than a run), than I don’t know what is!


After breakfast, I did some computer work, then I ran a few errands. I grabbed a cookie dough smoothie from HealthyEdge while I was out. I cannot stop drinking these. They’re SO delicious.


Kayla and I met up for a bike ride when she got off work, then we headed to 4 By 4 for a drink and dinner. I love that The Pitch has a permanent food truck there. We both got salads and pizzas. Everything was incredible.

The best bike rides end with pizza and hard seltzers.

I had two people ask me about my favorite sun stuff yesterday. I thought I shared it in a blog post, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I’m sharing here! This brand has my favorite tanning oil, post-sun lotion, and aloe if you get a little too much. I have been using all three all summer (plus sunscreen) and haven’t peeled. I’ve been burned a few times, too, on accident.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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