Two dates + delicious food + back with my girls!

I HAVE to stop hitting snooze in the mornings. It’s way too hot to start a run after 8AM. Jake and I headed out for some miles with Rhea around 8:30 Wednesday morning. All three of us regretted not waking up earlier.

This picture cracks me up. Rhea’s face. Haha! Maybe she was more miserable than she was letting us know.


After our run, I made a big breakfast of eggs, veggies, veggie patties, and bagel halves. Mmm.


I spent the day working on the computer and Jake ran errands and hung out with his Mom and sister. When he got home, we headed out for another little date on our bikes. We got 22 miles in and just rode some farm roads. It was a blast


We ended our ride at Galloway – we shared the veggie burger, fries, and a side salad. It was delicious.


This is how Rhea let me know that either Jake or I needed to take her on our run this morning. She was not about to sit at home while we got to run. This dog LOVES to run.


I loved being back with my girls! Taking pictures at 5AM is hard…we were all kind of worn out this morning.

I didn’t feel great on our run and had the worst headache when we finished. I thought maybe I was hungry, so I made the most delicious bagel sandwiches for us. To make this: toast half a bagel, top it with hummus, dairy-free cheese, greens of some kind, two over easy eggs, Sriracha, and Primal Kitchen’s cilantro ranch dressing. These were amazing. We both looked at each other when they were gone and said we were sad.


I still have an awful headache, so I have crawled into bed and may attempt a nap. Rhea was very excited about that.


Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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