Headshot fun + Monday rides + delicious bread!

Our incredibly talented friend, Brandi, who owns BGstudios Photography, took some fun headshots for me a few weeks ago. She somehow manages to make every picture look amazing and unique. If you need a photographer, check her out! She is fantastic. Always.

Breakfast Monday morning was a bowl full of beets,  brussels, eggs, and bacon. AKA Heaven.


When Jake left Monday, Rhea crawled into his spot on the bed. She is obsessed with him and misses him so much when he is gone. It’s adorable.

I saw these at the grocery store over the weekend and had to try them. They are delicious! The perfect amount of salt and pepper. Highly recommend!


My Dad, Kayla, and I got together for our Monday night ride. We did a little off-roading and got to enjoy some incredible views. 


These were the biggest Lily Pads I had ever seen. I could’ve stared at this all day.


Dinner after our bike ride was a leftover burger patty in a wrap and a salad. This dinner was SO good. I have been working really hard to not waste food, so I haven’t been buying as many groceries. So far, it is working perfectly. I don’t feel like we are throwing anything away, which makes me feel good.


We had some bananas that needed to be baked into something, so I made a Paleo version of THIS recipe. I used almond flour instead of regular flour and a coconut yogurt instead of Greek. It turned out super good!


Just another morning where Rhea wants to make sure I don’t leave without her when I go run. The second I put my running shoes on, she will come and sprawl out on my feet.


7 miles with these girls to start my day! It was actually a semi cool morning, which felt incredible. It was hard to get out of bed, but once I was up, I knew I would be so happy to run with the girls and knock my run out  early.


Happy Tuesday, friends!

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