A good laugh + bacon makes everything better + glad I did that!

A friend shared this meme on social media and it made me laugh SO hard. I recently curbed Lola (my car) and put a gauge in one of my wheels. It was such a sad day. I don’t think I got this much air, but who’s to really know…


This girl is a Daddy’s girl. Through and through. Don’t get me wrong, she will cuddle anyone, but Jake is hands-down her favorite. It’s fine. I’m fine.


I slept in on Wednesday, so I headed to the Y for a little run around 10AM. I did NOT feel like working out at all. I ended up doing a run/walk on the treadmill for 4 miles before calling it quits. I was worn out and just didn’t have anything else to give. Sometimes that happens. It’s okay! I think my body was tired. I rocked my OKC marathon shirt. I am SO ready for another marathon. I need to redeem myself after my terrible last one. You can read about my first marathon HERE and my second one HERE (the pictures didn’t transfer on either of those posts, so I apologize about that – I need to manually move them over to my new platform).


After my run, I came home and had lunch with Jake – we had salmon salads, which were delicious. Bacon makes everything better, right?


Another day, another computer picture. I LOVE my new job. Working from home is the bomb.


When Kayla got off work, we met her for a bike ride. We knocked out 20 miles on some farm roads and had a blast. I have been feeling super weak on my bike lately, so I am ready for that to improve. I just feel like I can’t catch my breath on my bike, it’s weird. I don’t really have that when I run. Maybe it’s a conditioning thing? No clue!


After our ride, we ordered pizza and chowed down. We ordered in from Pappo’s and it was delicious. 


When my alarm went off at 4AM, the last thing I wanted to do was get up, but I knew I would be so mad if I didn’t get up to run with the girls. I let myself hit snooze once, then got up and got ready. While I was waiting to meet the girls, I sipped on coffee and made a to-do list for the day. I feel so good once I get my plans for the day written down. I write everything out in hour increments. Certain things may not get finished in their designated time slot, but I try really hard to knock out my to-do list every day. Any other list makers out there?


7 miles with my girls to start the day! Rhea was there, too, but she was sprawled out on the pavement.


I ordered a bunch of food from Homemade.Delivered. for the week, so Jake and I enjoyed breakfast burritos this morning. They were incredible.


I feel like I need to get to the pool today…I haven’t been in a few days. It probably misses me.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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