I love leftovers + still loving this hot air hairbrush + ladies, get you a man like this!

Jake and I had some leftovers from when we shared fajitas the other night, so we had them for lunch yesterday. I topped mine with some lettuce and Sriracha. YUM.


I had not straightened my hair in a LONG time, so I decided to see how it went last night. I don’t normally straighten my hair in the summer because it gets massive, but I decided to try it out and see what happened. It definitely kept growing throughout the night, but it felt good to have straight hair for a little bit.


I swear by this product. I have never been able to straighten my hair as quickly or as well as I have with this. There’s a link to it under this! You literally just brush your hair and the hot air hairbrush does all the work for you! I let my hair air dry a little before using this, it seems to go even faster when I do that, but that’s the only trick!


This is the one I have! These have continued to be popular, so the price keeps going up, but this one is under $30! It’s amazing. Best purchase ever.


I put on some make-up and met Kayla for dinner at Galloway.


This girl was not happy that Jake was at work and that I was leaving her. She’s such a lover.


Kayla and I both got the Redbird sandwich with no bun and fries. This is one of my favorites. It’s the perfect amount of spice.


Ladies, get you a man who treats you like this. Thank you, Jake, for always working so hard for us and loving us (and teasing us). We are blessed to have you!


Happy Friday, friends!

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