Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday started with this little furry monster getting a haircut. She was pretty excited about getting to go for a ride in the car.


While Lu got her hair cut, I ran some errands, then came home for lunch. I made a big bowl of leftovers – veggies, chicken, and dairy-free cheese. I feel like Jake and I are all over the place with meals right now with his new work schedule. Things have been extra busy, so I was having a hard time prepping meals. I started making a big batch of roasted veggies and cooking some kind of protein just so we have some stuff that is ready to grab in the fridge. It has been helping!


I am teaching three courses in the fall, so I spent last week contacting different publishing companies to get copies of the textbooks I will be using. About half of them came in this week. Looks like I better get started reading!


I picked this sweet girl up from the groomer. Despite her face in this picture, she loves her new hair cut. She was walking about our apartment being extra sassy when we got back home.


I worked Friday night while Jake was at work, then it was up early to meet Alex for some trail miles before meeting the rest of the Trail Sisters group for a few more. Alex had to be somewhere, so she couldn’t stay to run with the group. I was glad I got to meet her because we saw the most beautiful sunrise! 

I had planned to get 10-12 miles, but my ankle was a little tender (on my bad foot), so I did 4 with Alex and 4 with Brittany and Michelle, then called it quits. I’m not training for anything right now, so there’s no need to possibly injure something! It was amazing to be on trail for a little bit. I don’t love summer trail running – the bugs are awful, but we had a blast chatting and exploring. I definitely prefer fall/winter trail running over summer.

After my run, I had a breakfast burrito, which I failed to take a picture of, then I did some computer work. Around lunch time, I threw together a wrap – chicken, lettuce, and bacon, then I headed to the pool for a couple of hours.

After the pool, I came back and did a few more hours of work, then I made the most delicious dinner – tofu, carrot fries, and a salad. I cooked both the tofu and the carrot fries in the AirFryer. AMAZING. I want to make carrot fries again for sure.


I was still hungry after dinner, so I had a piece of paleo banana bread with butter. YUM.


I am still using the FRÉ products and absolutely love them. I am really picky about skincare – I feel like I am always battling a blemish or something. Since using FRÉ, my skin has seemed super happy! I wasn’t sold until I used their 123FRÉ set, which is a great way to try all three of their main products. After a month of using that set, my skin was clearer, smoother, and less oily. I had two blemished (during my period), but other than that, I had ZERO skin issues. That has never happened to me. So, I am sold. I ended up ordering their tinted moisturizer with SPF and this detox mask. I LOVE both. You can check them out HERE. You can click that link or use CHELSEABR for 25% off products! I 10/10 recommend FRÉ.


Sunday morning started with a bike ride to a new area with Kayla. Kayla had heard about a park across town, so we set out to explore. We rode over to Lost Hill Park, which is gorgeous. I can’t believe I had never heard of it! There is a huge section of paved trail, and we think some other dirt trails – we didn’t get to explore the dirt trails this time. Also, when you first pull in, these buildings greet you. It’s just a beautiful area and I will definitely be back!

We ended with 30 miles for the day. It was so fun to use the bike route through town to ride from where we live (we live half a mile from each other) to Lost Hill Park on the other side of town. We love you, Springfield!

After our ride, we headed to Roots for a quick breakfast. It was incredible. I had their quiche, which was outstanding, and a honey latte with oat milk (my go-to if not drinking black coffee). We both loved this place!


After brunch, I came home to work a little bit while we waited for Jake to get off work. Rhea laid like this FOREVER and I could not stop laughing at her. Her dang teeth. HAHAH! She’s such a mess.


Lu does this really sweet thing where she pushed her head into you really hard when she cuddles. It makes my heart swell. I attempted to get a picture, but it’s hard to tell what she’s doing.


This girl also needed cuddles, so I put a blanket down and invited her up on the couch. She immediately laid down and went to sleep.


We met Jake’s family for dinner Sunday night. I hadn’t seen Jake very much over the weekend because he was working so much, so I loved spending time with him and the rest of his family. We love living so close to our parents!

I found this dairy-free ice cream at Mama Jean’s. Holy yum. It’s amazing. Jake loves it, too. It’s made out of avocado! We couldn’t believe it – you can’t taste it at all! Highly recommend.


Happy Monday, friends!

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