This is how you know it was busy + some favorite Amazon finds!

This is how you know I had a busy day…I only took one picture. All day. HA! At least it was a good picture – our delicious breakfast! Avocado toast with arugula, a fried egg, and bacon on the side. Mmm.


I have gotten a few new things on Amazon, and now that I’ve had a chance to use them for at least a month or so, I’d love to share some with you! I only share things that I truly use and believe in, so feel free to ask questions if any arise! 🙂 Just click each picture for more information.

Jake and I have been wanting to up our coffee game for about a year now, so we did some research and decided to start doing a pour over in the morning. We found a grinder, a glass carafe and pour over, and an electric kettle that we love. I will share all three below.

Here is the grinder. We got it in black and LOVE it. It is super easy to use and not ridiculously loud.

Here is what we use for the pour over. We both loved the leather sleeve on this one.

We got this electric kettle. It is super easy to use, takes about 2 minutes to heat the water, and looks so sleek. Highly recommend if looking for an electric kettle!

I always get questions about this stuff – we add this the girls’ water to help keep their breath fresh. It REALLY works. Neither of our dogs have had stinky breath since we started using this. It’s all-natural, too, so I feel good adding it to their water. A bottle lasts us a little over a month – you add one capful each time you fill up their water bowl.

I love heating pads. I usually use a corn bag, but the one I had was about 8 years old and starting to not hold heat anymore. I got this heating pad and love it.

I love popcorn, but don’t always want the unhealthy stuff that companies add to theirs, so I got this to make my own. It works SO well! I love being able to add all my own toppings.

I am obsessed with earrings now that I can wear them again, so I’ve been stocking up on cute earrings. I just got these and I love them.

I hate wearing real bras, so I stick to this stick-on bra with a bandeau. I am usually a 34C/D and I order the size C in this. HIGHLY recommend.

I swear by this line of stuff during the summer. This oil is phenomenal and really helps you get a nice color. Use it WITH sunscreen.

If you do happen to get a little burnt, use this right after and you will not peel. Your burn will turn into a tan. It’s incredible.

I also love to use this after a day at the pool and a shower. It really does help keep your color, moisturizes, and smells SO good.

I have super thick, coarse hair. I try not wash it more than twice a week because it gets dried out. My mother-in-law gave me this shampoo and conditioner for Christmas and I cannot believe how smooth and soft it makes my hair. I don’t think my hair has ever been as soft as it is now with using this. I swear by these shampoo and conditioner.

Here’s the shampoo.

Here’s the conditioner.


Happy Wednesday, friends!

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