Delicious food + our girls + walk, walk, walk!

I ate lunch about 10:30 on Thursday…it was delicious. I had a peanut butter and honey wrap, spicy nacho vegan crunchy things, and some carrots. Mmm.


All four of us were cuddling in bed after I took a short nap and Jake tells me to grab my phone. He goes, “I got Rhea’s lip stuck…look how funny!” HA! I’m glad I captured this…poor Rhea.


After my nap, I knocked out a couple more hours of computer work, then I decided I needed to get outside and move a little. I hopped on my bike and knocked out a 15 mile ride in the sunshine. I have A LOT of computer stuff right now, so I am trying to break it up and move as much as I can in-between working. After my ride, I worked a little bit more, then took a break for dinner – cauliflower crust pizza and a side salad – then I worked for a few more hours. I am almost finished building two of my three courses, so I am ecstatic about that. Classes start August 24th, but I would like to be finished building all three within the next week or so.


Lu was extra cuddly. I love her face in this…HA! She’s obviously content.


When I finished with my work around 8PM, I polished off this oatmilk ice cream. Holy yum. It’s amazing. I highly recommend this!


Friday morning started with a little podcast listening, coffee sipping, and a two mile walk. We got started on our walk about 6:30AM, so the girls loved being outside before it got super hot and humid.


I was craving pancakes, so I made some almond flour pancakes for breakfast, plus some eggs and spinach, and a meatless sausage patty. YUM.


It’s another full day of computer work for me, so I’m about to get started…just need a fresh cup of coffee! : )

Happy Friday, friends!

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