Weekend Wrap-up!


This weekend consisted of pool time, relaxing, and computer work – it was wonderful. After my walk with our pups on Friday, I was craving pancakes, so I made some with almond flour. They were pretty delicious. After breakfast, I spent a couple hours on the computer, then I headed to the pool for a little sun.

If you’re in the running community, I’m sure you have heard about Tommy Rivs. He was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer. He is such an incredible athlete. Jake and I have loved him for years. He is currently in a coma, so if you’re the praying type, send some prayers his way, please. You can donate HERE if you’d like to help them out financially.


Lunch was bunch of random things – I love using our AirFryer to quickly cook veggies. I am currently obsessed with carrot fries. Just slice some carrots, put in a bowl with ghee and whatever seasoning you’d like (I love cajun), cook in AirFryer at 400 for 15-20 minutes. YUM. Also, how cute is this new pineapple mask I got? I love it.

I spent the rest of Friday on my computer. I started working at 7:45AM, when Jake left for work, I took an hour break for the pool and lunch, and 30 minutes for dinner, but other than that, I worked all day. I stopped working around 8PM. It was a busy day, but I got a ton accomplished, so that felt good. I had been craving Papa John’s pizza all week, so that’s what I treated myself to Friday night. It was amazing. I had planned to do a long run Saturday morning, so this was the best fuel. I am going to do a little run reset and take some time off, so I wanted to go out with a bang and log some miles.

It was a wild Friday night!


Saturday morning started bright and early with some miles! Rhea did 11.5 miles with me, which is her longest run in awhile. She did a great job, but definitely got hot toward the end. We made a few stops so she couple play in different water spots on our route or lay in the shade.

Hüma gels are my go-to and have been for years. I swear by them. They never upset my stomach and I love the flavor.


I sure love running with this goofball.

Rhea got one more water stop before we got home. I grabbed Lu and went out for another mile. We ended with 12.5 miles, all in honor of Tommy Rivs. Rage on, Rivs!

After my run, I had a delicious breakfast, then knocked out a couple hours of computer work, before taking a 90-minute break to go to the pool.

While I was at the pool, my sweet mother-in-law called and asked if I wanted to go with her and my sister-in-law to get our nails done. I said heck yes! I changed, grabbed a smoothie, and met them for some girl time.


I sure do love these two! I feel so blessed to have married into a family that truly feels like my own. <3

After getting our nails done, I came home to knock out a little more work while these two cuddled, then Jake and I went to dinner with his cousin’s family. I failed to take pictures, but it was a blast.

I had been wanting a Brümate for a while, so I finally ordered one. I love it! I got THIS one.


Sunday morning consisted of sleeping in, breakfast, and cuddles with Rhea.

I might be slightly obsessed with these two. We like to send pictures to Jake while he is at work. I’m sure he loves it. A lot.

I haven’t been meal prepping like normal since we have been in the apartment. Our kitchen area is super small and I don’t love being squished in there, lame excuse, but I’ve been using it. I decided to stop being a ninny, so I finally did a little meal prep Sunday evening. I’m so glad I did! Roasted veggies, gluten-free oats for oatmeal, lentils, and quinoa. We will use the lentils and quinoa all week, so it’s nice to have this big batch to use. This whole prep took MAYBE 30-45 minutes. So simple. In under an hour, I have all kinds of things to choose from for our meals. Win-win.

I attended a webinar Sunday night, too. It was super informative and will definitely help as I begin the fall semester.


I made veggie bowls for us for dinner – quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, butternut squash, and cauliflower. These were delicious.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know there’s a lot going on right now, so make sure you are taking care of yourself. Give yourself grace. <3 Hugs.

Happy Monday, friends!

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