Buy these…NOW + AirFryer obsession + all the walks!

We are having oatmeal bowls again this week. These sure hit the spot!


I ran some errands Monday morning –  still rocking my cheetah mask.


Lunch was random leftovers, but it was extra delicious. A wrap with lentils, spinach, and dairy-free cheese, watermelon, and chips and salsa. YUM. I had forgotten how much I loved lentils…I need to keep prepping them because they’re so easy to add to anything.


Do not buy these from Mama Jean’s. I repeat, do not buy these from Mama Jean’s. They are absolutely amazing and you will want to eat the entire bag in one sitting…holy wow. They are dark chocolate almonds with Mexican vanilla. I am obsessed with them. Soooo, really do buy them, but you can’t be mad at me when your pants get tight… ; )


I met these two for a little bike ride Monday evening. I love that we do this every Sunday. I’m glad my Dad doesn’t mind hanging out with me and Kayla!


Dinner last night was inspired by my AirFryer. I cooked a sweet potato and a purple sweet potato in the AirFryer, then cooked tofu and chickpeas in the AirFryer. This plate was SO good.


When Dad works at night and your Mom is staying up later than you want, you just put yourselves to bed. I walked into our bedroom to find this. HA! I love them.


Our Tuesday morning started with a walk. I am trying to do a better job of walking these two more often, especially since they don’t have a yard right now.

Post-walk oatmeal bowl. Mmm.


Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope your day is wonderful.

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  1. Lindsay

    What was the exciting news? Well besides the delicious food and the amazing nuts? Lol!

    Hope you’re having a great week!

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