Lu is a creeper + all the walks + date night at home!

Lu is the ultimate creeper when I am working on my computer. She will stand right behind it and stare at me like this…


I spent yesterday morning working in my office. This is Rhea’s favorite spot to curl up.


Lunch was delicious. I mixed together quinoa, lentils, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, tofu, and dairy-free cheese.

I got some new Goodr glasses to replace a pair I had worn out. I love these glasses for running and riding! They just came out with some new shapes and I really like these! I got THIS pair.


The girls and I headed out for a second walk later in the afternoon. We ended up getting about 3.5 miles together for the day. I have been turning on podcasts when we go for our walks and I have been really enjoying our walk time.


Jake and I picked up Metro for dinner and had a little date night at home. We shared the Shah-some appetizer and the vegan meatloaf. Both were incredible! It was a great date night.


I have more computer work today and a meeting this evening. I’d like to go to the pool for a little bit if the sun comes out later.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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