Morning walk + lunch date + a little pool time!

I wanted a little break from oatmeal, so I had a piece of sourdough toast with jelly, half an avocado, and a meatless patty for breakfast Thursday morning.


After breakfast, we headed out with the girls for a long walk in the sunshine. We knocked out a little over 3 miles to kick-off our day.


After our walk, we went on a little lunch date at Brew Co. We shared the fried mushrooms, which were OUTSTANDING and a margherita pizza. Brew Co’s new menu is so dang good.


After lunch, Jake laid down to take a nap before work and I headed to the pool for a little bit. I love being able to walk to a pool. It’s a definite perk of apartment living!


After the pool, I spent the rest of the day on my computer and got SO much work finished. Dinner was a shrimp and sweet potato taco with a salad on the side.


Lu squeezes herself into whatever space she can find. I was typing when she did this, which I guess she didn’t like because she left 3 minutes after crawling here.


This week FLEW by. I cannot believe it is Friday. I am taking my Momma to get a massage today. It’s a belated birthday present for her and I cannot wait. Her birthday was in June, but things have been so busy we are just now getting to go to the spa. I can’t wait to spoil her (and myself)! ; )

Happy Friday, friends!

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