Weekend Wrap-up + Monday happenings!

Sunday and Monday kind of got away from me, so I didn’t a post up yesterday. Let’s catch up on weekend fun – Rhea loves to lay on our living room floor with her head resting on our coffee table. I have no clue how it is comfortable, but she sure seems to enjoy it. I disturbed her slumber by taking this picture…


I had a dinner on Friday that was outstanding – a bean and cheese burrito topped with half an avocado and Sriracha, a salad with chickpeas, and chips and salsa. This was SO good.


I also decided I needed a chocolate malt from Braum’s, so I grabbed one after I finished dinner. It was delicious. I had them add whipped cream to the top which is maybe the smartest thing I’ve ever done.


I got all of my awesome team gear from rabbit, which I am so stoked about. I am honored to be part of the Rad rabbit team this year. You can see more of rabbit’s awesome gear HERE. I highly recommend!


Again with the resting of the head on our coffee table…


Ready for some precious pooch pictures? (I love a good alliteration). These two are the best pups around.


We moved from the couch to the bed and took a little 30 minute nap on Friday. I was supposed to get a massage with my Mom, but the girl I was scheduled with started feeling sick (stomach stuff), so she headed home. I was sad to miss out on my massage, but my Mom still got hers and I always feel bad for anyone who isn’t feeling well. Plus, a nap with my babies was pretty dang great.


Okay, last two, but I just can’t handle how cute they are. Lu loves sleeping on pillows.


Breakfast Saturday morning was an egg, spinach, and sweet potato burrito with a meatless patty on the side.


I rocked my new rabbit trucker and knocked out some errands while Jake was at work. He worked a double Saturday, so he worked from 8AM until midnight. I know I say this all the time, but I legit don’t know how he does it!


I love protein balls and Kodiak Cake mix, so when I saw this at Sam’s, I knew I had to get it. All you do is mix almond butter (or whatever nut butter you prefer), honey, and water with the mixture and roll into whatever size you’d like! They are delicious!


I also prepped breakfast burritos for Jake for the week. These have black beans, meatless spicy patties, eggs, and cheese.


After I prepped and did some computer work, I headed to meet my friend, Alex, for dinner at Brew Co. It was my mug day, so I had to go and sip on delicious beer and take advantage of our mug club membership!


I had their new veggie sandwich and it was AMAZING. Highly, highly recommend! I also HAD to get a side of their mac ‘n’ cheese, which is out of this world. 10/10 on this dinner!


And 10/10 on the company!


My sister and I have decided that our Mom is Moira from Schitt’s Creek. HAHA! If you haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek, check it out. It’s hilarious. Stick with it through the first two episodes. I promise you won’t regret it.


Sunday morning started with a bike ride! I haven’t felt like running lately, so I’m enjoying a little down time. I got to rock my new sunnies and tank from rabbit on my ride.


The weather was amazing Sunday morning. I rode out to see my Momma and then hit up a local trail in 417-land. I ended with 18 solo miles for the day.


After my ride, I took the girls on a little walk and then headed to the pool.


After the pool, I made this delicious lunch – a spinach and dairy-free cheese wrap, a kiwi, and some coconut yogurt.


This is me…but 32 minutes might be a stretch..it may be closer to 14 minutes…


Don’t tell her Dad…this girl loves a good couch cuddle. I make her stay on a blanket so she doesn’t get hair everywhere.


We FINALLY got to meet this handsome dude Sunday evening!!! Otis, we love you big, buddy! Katie and Layne, you two did a great job!



Layne and Katie also cooked us the most delicious meal. They really are the best! Thank you for the yummy food and letting us snuggle your son! <3


My Mom and I headed out of town for a little girls’ trip, so it of course started with a little food and shopping. I had the most delicious chickpea salad sandwich, which I have been wanting to make at home for awhile. It inspired me and needs to happen next week for meal prep!


After lunch and shopping, we went to the pool!


Ole Carmelicious always keeps us laughing…she had her visor on, but wanted to protect the rest of her hair, so I gave her my hat and she put it over her visor…HA! She’s a hoot.


We had the best laying out weather!



Happy Tuesday, friends!


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  1. Amanda B

    Hey! I always enjoy reading your blog. I teach 8th grade science in VA & we’ll be starting the year virtually. What advice do you have for distance learning? My greatest strengths as a teacher are my classroom management, my ability to form meaningful relationships with my students, and the ‘fun’ my students have with all the hands on opportunities that I’m able to implement in my class. My question is, how can I bring that magic into my teaching in lieu of any face to face contact? Also, random…I’m a runner & my husband’s name is Jake 🙂

    • papersandpavement

      Hi, Amanda!

      So glad to have you as a reader! Gosh, I know. Those are the best parts about being a teacher, huh?! My biggest tips for engaging students and growing community in an online course is do anything where you can see faces. Seeing faces makes us realize they’re a real person behind that computer screen. I also love to incorporate any type of video-conferencing, video presentations, audio recordings, or blogs within the classroom. I think all of those things truly help students feel more connected!

      That’s so crazy!! Jakes make great husbands! : )

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