The rest of our girls’ trip + relaxing + a dinner date at home!

We had so much fun on our little girls’ trip. It was nice to getaway for a little bit. We spent the day Monday shopping and then sat by the pool. It was perfect. We got ready to go out to dinner after being at the pool all day.


We went to In The Raw (we were in Tulsa) and it was delicious! My Mom isn’t a huge raw fish fan, so she got their Not Raw Combo. I love all sushi, so I had nigiri and a roll. We also shared their house salad. It was all SO good.


The view from the restaurant is incredible. The restaurant sits up on a hill and overlooks maybe the downtown area? It’s gorgeous.


After dinner, we grabbed ice cream, then went back to our hotel to relax. We slept in and grabbed breakfast at the hotel before hitting the road for home.


When I got home, Jake and I ran a few errands, then we relaxed the rest of the evening. We got in some good family cuddles. I missed these three while I was gone!


Jake picked up dinner – I was craving Chinese – and some beer from 4 By 4. This hit the spot!


I think they missed me just as much as I missed them…


I need to knock out some computer work today, so it’s going to be busy. UALR’s semester starts on the 24th, so it’s crunch time getting classes ready to go!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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