Weekend Wrap-up: big news edition!

What. A. Weekend!! We got to celebrate Jake’s birthday AND close on our new home. All the best things! Our Friday morning started with a birthday brunch for Jake. I enjoyed the trifecta – a mimosa, coffee, and water.


Jake and I shared the most delicious veggie sandwich. We added an egg and half an avocado. It was phenomenal.


My cutie birthday boy! After brunch, we did the final walk-through on our house, then went to the closing. It was a busy, wonderful day! Poor Jake had to go to work after our closing, but we tried to make his day as special as possible.


After our closing, we went back to the new house to walk around for a little bit. My family met us there so we could show them around. In a few years, this house is going to incredible! We will be doing our renovations slowly, but we are already excited for how much they are going to change the house.


My Mom brought champagne over for us to toast to the house.


I’m not sure how she does this, but Rhea will usually start the night sleeping on the floor…SOMEHOW, she always ends up smooshed between us sometime in the middle of the night. She’s a goof.


Breakfast Saturday morning was a tortilla with eggs, dairy-free cheese, spinach, and a meatless breakfast patty. YUM.


I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning at the new house. We will eventually redo the kitchen, but not for another 6 months to a year, so my Mom and I deep cleaned every nook and cranny of the kitchen. My Mom brought knee pads with her. That is pure dedication. We have our apartment through the middle of December, so depending on renovations, we most likely won’t move into the house until November/December. I told Jake it was so weird buying a home and not moving into it right away. It is going to be SO nice to be able to make a mess at the house while working on things, then leave the mess to come home to a clean apartment.


This is NOT in the new house, but I sent it to Jake and asked him if we could do this when we redo the bathrooms. HA! I don’t know why someone would need this in their home, but to each their own…


My baby sister’s 28th birthday was Sunday, so my family went to dinner Saturday to celebrate her. We went to Nakato and I got ALL of their seafood sauce. It’s so good. I could probably drink it.


I also had their tofu and veggies and it was out of this world! I was HIGHLY impressed. The tofu had a super light breading on it that was phenomenal.


I got THIS new bracelet from Little Words Project and I am obsessed with it. My friend, Kayla, told me about them after I tried to steal hers. ; )


Breakfast Sunday morning was an egg and spinach scramble, half a bagel with almond butter, chia seeds, flax seeds, and honey, and a meatless patty. YUM.


I crawled back into bed after breakfast to do a little computer work and these two joined me. These are s about all the cuddles that Lu will give Rhea.


After a little work, I headed to the pool for a couple of hours. It was a gorgeous day and I had the pool pretty much to myself. I plan to soak up all of the remaining summer days that we have!


I am a really fast reader, which served me well during my doctoral work. I started this book when I got the pool and had read about half of it in a little over an hour. HA! This book is called Far From the Tree and it’s SO good. It’s about siblings who were separated at birth and their reconnection. I am adopted (my parents took me home when I was three days old (I think)), but I just recently met my full-blooded brother, which is rare for adopted kids. It has been so fun getting to know him and his family.


Here’s our birth mom, Dawn, me, and Mike last summer. This was our second time hanging out.

all three

We all have fun pointing out our similarities. I think we all have the same eyes, obviously we all have dark brown hair, too. Mike is a year older than me.

me and mike

This is me and Dawn a few years ago at our (mine and Jake’s) engagement party.

me and dawn

Here’s Dawn, my Momma, and me at a Mardi Gras party last year. We all have so much fun together. I feel very, very blessed.

me mom and dawn

Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Congrats! We might have closed on our houses on the same days! lol!
    I did NOT buy a project house though. I bought a new construction house BUT I still feel like I need to do so many projects and DEEP DEEP clean before I move in! Haha!
    Silly question, but are you guys in the same general area as you were before? Did you just want a bigger house or bigger piece of land??
    Has school started back for you yet? How’s it going?

    • papersandpavement

      Oh, that’s so awesome!! HUGE congratulations to you! I do feel like all I am doing right now is cleaning, too. HA! I think that’s part of moving…

      We moved back into the same neighborhood we had been in, haha! We just love it over there. We wanted a little bigger house and a lot more privacy. The street we had been on was CRAZY busy, so now we are on a pretty quiet street, which is amazing.

      My classes start next Monday! I have some meetings this week, which have been fun. All of the courses I am teaching this semester are always online anyway, so I haven’t had to change much, which is nice!

      I hope you have a great day!

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