Morning walks + new faculty meetings + wallpaper peeling!

The girls and I started our Tuesday morning with a 3 mile walk on the trail. I have been trying to walk them more often since they’re cooped up in the apartment right now.


Breakfast after our walk was delicious. An egg and veggie burrito with a meatless patty on the side. YUM.


After breakfast, I hopped onto a Zoom call from 9-4 for new faculty. It was so wonderful getting to know all of the other new faculty members. We learned all kinds of things about the university and I am even more excited about my new job!



We had a lunch break during our meeting, so I had a salad, a quinoa burger, and sweet potato chips.


One of my favorite snacks is crackers or chips with hot sauce. Cholula or Sriracha are the best options.


Rhea spent most of my meeting by my feet under my desk. She loves sleeping right here.


I had a black bean brownie as an afternoon snack. It hit the spot!


I have had zero luck with peeling the wallpaper in the room that will be my office, so when I walked into one of the other rooms and saw that Jake had almost completely stripped all of the wallpaper in about 20 minutes with NOTHING – no spray, no steamer, nothing…I couldn’t believe it. We are off to the store today to get a couple things to try in the office. The wallpaper in there is STUBBORN.


I was shocked! One room down!


Jake, the girls, and I started our morning with a walk, then it was time for breakfast. I had an egg, tofu, and mushroom burrito with half a kiwi on the side (I shared the other half with Jake).


Now it’s time to do some work, go to the pool for a little bit, then head to the house to tackle the wallpaper in my office again!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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    • papersandpavement

      Hi, Kris! I don’t really follow a recipe…I just heat up olive oil in a pan, sauté the mushrooms and tofu, then add in two eggs. I usually use garlic powder, salt, pepper, and turmeric as seasoning and will sometimes throw in a diary-free cheese, too! I put it all in a tortilla and chow down!

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