Sunshine + all the walking + more house work!

I spent a couple of hours reading at the pool Wednesday afternoon. I am so thankful we have an apartment pool! I had the pool to myself yesterday, which was amazing. And to whoever put chairs in the pool, you’re a genius.


After the pool, I met Jake for lunch at Galloway. He had been working at the house, so I hopped on the trail and walked the meet him. The weather yesterday was incredible.


I got in three walks yesterday. I am taking a little time off from running, so I have been trying to walk more. The girls really need walks since they’re cooped up inside so much at the apartment. I am so thankful we have the house now and the girls can go over there and play. We have a huge yard at the new house and the girls LOVE it. They run around like crazy anytime we are there.


Jake and I shared the BLT for lunch and it hit the spot. I like to dip a jalapeño in ketchup and put it on each bite. Try it. You’re welcome.


After lunch, we met my Mom at the new house and cleaned and peeled more wallpaper. It’s kind of hard to see in this picture, but we deep cleaned the kitchen counters and it made such a difference! The left side is still dirty, but the right looks amazing. Our new house at vacant from December until now, so it’s pretty dirty. We will redo the kitchen and eventually, but for now, we are making the current one work since it’s in great shape, just a little outdated.


After working at the house, we grabbed dinner with Kayla at Catrina’s. I had their taco bowl with all the veggies, which was pretty delicious. Catrina’s has hands down the best tortilla chips in town. I promise.


Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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