Soaking up ALL the pool days + a few more before & afters + coffee in our new sunroom!

Breakfast Thursday was another egg, tofu, and spinach burrito. I think tofu scrambles are one of my favorite things. So delicious and SO easy.


After breakfast, I did a little computer work, then headed to the pool for a little bit. I have decided that I need to soak up every last day of summer. I finished my book and then listened to a podcast. It was amazing.


After some pool time, I grabbed lunch with Jake, then we ran a couple of errands. When he left for work, I met my Mom at our new house and we cleaned a little bit more. We just about have the kitchen/pantry/laundry room all clean! We won’t redo these areas for quite awhile, so we are making them look brand new. Check out how much better the three clean cabinets look. I love all of the white cabinets, but they definitely show a ton of dirt.

Okay, this is gross  look at what was behind the vent on the fridge. Ick.


This fridge had been filthy. My Mom and I tackled it the other day and it looks basically brand new (minus where the filter goes, we hadn’t finished that yet when I took this picture).


I have been having a hard time meal prepping. I feel like we are spending so much time at the new house, which I love, but I need to make food a priority again. I headed to the grocery store when I finished at the house. I got a bunch of stuff to meal prep as well as a quick and easy dinner – broccoli salad and sushi. YUM.


After I ate, I started on a little meal prep. We are going to use these roasted veggies for wraps – I will use these veggies, spinach, hummus, and cucumber to make veggie hummus wraps. YUM. I just sliced a zucchini and a yellow squash super thin, drizzled on olive oil, sprinkled some Everything but the Bagel seasoning, and roasted at 350° for 20-30 minutes. I also roasted some sweet taters.


When I finished meal prep, I took the hoodlums on a short stroll before bed.


Friday morning also started with a stroll, ha! We walked 3 miles and I listened to my current favorite podcast – Party in my Plants. I am getting some awesome plant-based meal ideas. The girls have a favorite spot to stop for a little water. They get excited as we get close to this spot.


Breakfast post-walk was an egg, tofu, and spinach scramble with a piece of sourdough toast.

Aaaand the best part of my day?! Sipping coffee in our new sunroom. All the good feels! We are having the house sprayed for bugs today, so I got to sit in the sunroom and just enjoy our new home. I am SO excited to move in…think I will be able to wait until November/December?

Happy Friday, friends!

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