A little meal prep + working from the pool + the BEST early birthday present!!

After my workout Monday morning, I ran a few errands and then did a quick little meal prep. I prepped tempeh, asparagus, brussels, and a big pan of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. I love having all of this cooked and stored in the fridge because it’s so easy for us to grab and throw together for lunch or dinner.



When I finished prepping, I loaded up some work stuff and headed to the pool. I am trying to soak up as much pool time as possible since we only have a week and a half left to use it. Plus, if I can soak up some sunshine while I work, I consider that a win-win. This is one of the books for one of my classes this fall. It’s a great read!


After I knocked out some work, I made open-faced veggie sandwiches for us and we headed over to the new house for a little bit before Jake went to work.


Jake beat me to the house and was standing outside when I pulled in. I popped a grape in my mouth and opened the garage door. This is what I saw as it opened. I started choking on the grape and then cried.


Funny story – Jake and I set a limit on what to spend for our birthdays this year. Jake’s is in August and mine is in September. We set a limit of $25. I got Jake a super cool pair of goodr PBR sunnies (HERE), which were $25. The new car is my present, so either Jake got a killer deal or he doesn’t follow the rules. I currently have two cars – my 2004 Lexus and a car for driving to Little Rock when I go to campus. Jake has been driving the car unless I need it, which isn’t really fair. He sold the truck he loved so we wouldn’t have three cars. We both want him to have a car he likes, so we are going to sell my current Lexus (I’m sad about this) and the car we have. My new Lexus will be my every day driver since it currently has 8 miles on it (HA!) and Jake will get himself something he loves. We do not need more than two cars right now, so this will work perfectly for us. Plus, who doesn’t love a new car?! I am still very much in shock.


This was the best early birthday present EVER. I 100% had no idea. Jake is pretty dang sneaky…


My Mom and I did some work around the new house, then Kayla and my Dad came over for our Monday night ride.


Dinner after our ride was tempeh and veggies – YUM. This was delicious and hit the spot. I ate dinner around 8PM, which is pretty late for me, so I was thankful this was light and didn’t sit heavy in my stomach.


These two, just living their best lives. I am not ready for them to be in my new car yet, so we are still driving my old one. I am nervous driving my new one…


Our Tuesday started with a walk in the sunshine!


Happy Tuesday, friends!

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