Keeping my teeth healthy + more house projects + gravel rides are no joke!

Thursday morning started with a little teeth cleaning from my main girl, Kayla! Kayla recently started working at the Dad’s dental office, so it’s extra fun to go and get to see her! Plus, she does a realllllly good job. <3 My Dad’s office is Ascend Dental Design. If you need a dentist, check them out!


After my dentist appointment, I headed to the house to tackled some more wallpaper. This room will be my office, so I am excited to see the final product. Also, wallpaper is the worst. Here’s what I started with.


Wallpaper peeling is very glamorous work…


We took a lunch break for Qdoba. YUM.


Here’s my progress from about 2.5 hours. Not too bad! Not great, but not terrible. I think I could finish this room in another day or two…stay tuned.


I wish these two would actually help peel the wallpaper…


After working on the house for a little bit, I took my bike to get a flat fixed, then had a quick dinner of an almond butter, honey, chia seed, and flaxseed wrap with a banana on the side.


After that quick dinner, I picked up Kayla and we headed to a gravel ride out in Fordland. This was my first official gravel ride. Holy cow. It was HARD! I am so dang sore today. It was super fun, a little scary, but mostly fun! We did 23 miles of gravel and were toast when we finished.


I’m off to work on the house a little more. I knocked out a bunch of work this morning and almost forgot to get a post up – HA!

Happy Friday, friends!

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