Finally driving my new car + I love these bandanas + double date fun!

This furry girl is the best cuddler.


I haven’t been driving my new car lately because I don’t want it at our apartment. I finally drover her around yesterday and she drives like a dream! I 100% park as far away as possible…I don’t want any door dings!


It rained most of yesterday, but my car handled it great and I cannot wait to take her on some road trips! We need a trip to Colorado ASAP.


I knocked out some work yesterday. One of my classes is all about the foundation of teaching reading and we are reading a book that focuses on what the brain does while we read. It is super interesting and this poem about the English language gave me a good laugh. English is definitely a strange language!


Sometimes you just need to sip on a beer while you read…


After I finished up some work, Jake and I headed to meet our friends, Chris and Brittany, for dinner at Cesar’s. I got a couple new bandanas to wear as a mask. I like how breathable these are. I got the ones below this picture – just click the picture of the bandanas.


Jake and Chris both got something called a sopusa or sopepuse at Cesar’s. They were delicious.


I have office hours this morning and we are also puppy sitting for a friend. Our pups aren’t too sure what to think…Rhea loves it and Lu definitely does not.


I THINK she’s finally worn out… ; )


Happy Wednesday, friends!

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