House updates + the most delicious fall bread + my niece is the best!

We had so much fun watching our friend’s puppy yesterday. I love the puppy snuggles and puppy breath, but I am definitely not ready for another pup. Neither are our girls. HA! They both kept looking at us whenever the puppy would play a little too rough. How precious is she?


Jake and I had some more toasted ravioli for lunch. I don’t know why I have wanted them so often, but they’ve been a staple in our house this week. Lazy meal prep…


After lunch, I made some banana pumpkin bread. I had some bananas that were going to go bad, so I threw together this bread. I kind of followed THIS recipe, but I added flaxseed, brown sugar, dark chocolate chips, and oats to it. YUM.


Here’s it is in a little better lighting. It is delicious.


Some house updates: Jake has a pretty good portion of the old deck ripped up. There’s concrete slab under the entire deck, so we are going to pressure wash it and use the concrete for awhile. We both like the look of it and it is in MUCH better shape than the deck was. Jake has also trimmed all of our trees and gotten everything looking so much better! I have one and a half walls left to peel in my office, then I’ll tackle the glue on the walls.


Just me, my crazy hair, and snacks. That bread is SO good. Jake said it’s one of his favorites. Not too sweet, which is perfect for him.


For dinner, we grabbed salads and pizza with Jesse, Cassie, and Kayla. We went to Pappo’s. Their house Italian salad is my favorite.


I am watching my niece for a little bit this morning and it’s been so fun! She was so excited when I got to her house and she immediately started showing me all of her toys. She’s the best!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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