Faculty meetings + gravel rides + taking over the gym!

I had another faculty meeting yesterday. We voted on different committees and things like that. Everything is a new learning experience, so I am trying to soak it all in. There is SO much to learn, but the other faculty members are extremely helpful and I feel lucky I get to learn from them. And yes, all of our pictures are still sitting on the floor. HA! We figure we will be moving out of the apartment in a few months, so why bother to hang anything? I am definitely ready to be in our house and be settled. We will have on-going remodeling projects, so it might be awhile until we feel settled there, but it will be nice to be in one place once we do finally move!


I had a major issue finding lunch yesterday. Long story short, I experienced the WORST customer service I ever have from a local McAlister’s here in town (on Primrose), so I will not be going back there. Ever. I did, however, end up getting to have the best lunch from one of my favorite places, Nearly Famous, so it ended up working up just fine.


I knocked out a little work after my meetings and lunch and then headed to meet Cassie and Kayla for a little gravel ride. My sweet husband let me borrow his Julbo glasses since the lenses are lighter than mine and we would be riding in the dark. They’re a little big for my face, but they saved me from getting all kinds of dust and bugs in my eyes. I really want some glasses with clear lenses.


The sky was gorgeous last night. We hit up some gravel roads in Diggins and had a blast. We did a very similar route last week and it was my first official gravel ride. I was pretty terrified, but enjoyed it. There was one section that was super chunky with lots of rocks, roots, and mud, so I hopped off my bike and walked that, but we skipped that section last night and it made me so happy. I loved every second of our ride last night! We ended with 20 miles of gravel.


Super thankful for gal pals who will go on last minute rides with me!


Rhea was very ready for bed when I got home from my ride around 9PM. I showered, ate some leftovers, and passed out.


My Friday morning started with a gym workout! I had this whole area to myself, which was wonderful. I was having a hard time motivating myself to write workouts, so I am following the Hammer & Chisel workout program from Beachbody. I am really enjoying this program!


I am off to walk with friends then will go work at the house a little bit! I think I will spend the rest of the day working on my computer – I have another meeting later this afternoon, too.

Happy Friday, friends!

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