Weekend Wrap-up!

Jake and I worked at the house a little bit on Friday. We see getting close to having my office ready for our drywall guy!

All the wallpaper is peeled and we are over halfway finished getting the glue off. So. Close.

Dinner on Friday was a random bowl of deliciousness – grains, veggies, and tofu.

While Jake was at work, I forced Rhea to cuddle me. Can’t you see in her eyes how much she loved it?

On the nights when Jake works, this one steals his spot. Every time. When he is home at night, if he gets up for any reason after we have gone to bed, she will jump up into his spot. It’s hilarious.

Saturday morning started with a workout, watering my Mom’s flowers, a little cleaning, and some meal prep. I always do a veggie wash before I start prepping. I just soak our produce in grapefruit oil extract and cold water for about 20 minutes.

Lunch Saturday was another bowl of grains, veggies, and tofu.

I made the most delicious trail mix – almonds, dark chocolate chips, and pumpkin seeds. It’s amazing. I could eat this entire bowl.

When Jake got home from work Saturday, we all moved out to our balcony to enjoy the cooler weather. Rhea always lays like this when she’s on the balcony.

Best friends forever.

Jake picked up a shift, so he went into work at midnight on Sunday. He went to bed right he after an early dinner, so the girls and I stayed up working while he slept. I wasn’t very hungry when Jake ate, so I had my own dinner later that night. I made a chickpea and sweet potato curry. It was super good!

Couch cuddles when I finished some work.

Sunday morning started with a pup walk. We are all loving the cooler weather, but I think the furball that is Rhea loves it the most.

I met Jake for lunch at our house Sunday afternoon. I love these fig bars. They’re so easy to grab on the go.

A little glimpse into what I do each week for my classes – I read everything that I ask students to read. I take notes, share personal experiences, connect ideas to other things I’ve read, etc. I do this for all of my classes. I have a notepad and folder for each class and that is the only way I can stay organized. Each week, I type up an introduction to our new unit and a wrap-up of the previous one. In the wrap-up, I will share my thoughts from the readings, further things for students to think about, my personal classroom experiences, and a few student quotes from our weekly blogs. I have had students tell me they like the wrap-ups, so even though they’re a little time consuming, I’m going to keep doing them!

One of my favorites – a pb&j wrap with flax seeds. YUM.

Happy Monday, friends!

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