Crazy pups + we finished my office + last day as a 31 year old…

These two hoodlums wrestled like crazy all Wednesday morning.

There was also a fight over a tennis ball. She may look innocent, but she steals every toy. Ever.

Lu finally got the ball and wouldn’t let it leave the couch.

Guys, the best news – we finished peeling the wallpaper AND got all of the glue off of the walls in my office!! It was such an exciting day. One room down…one and a half left to go…at least for wallpaper peeling.

After working at the house, I came back to the apartment for a meeting, then Jake and I headed out for a quick dinner. I was craving the crab beignets from Civil Kitchen, so we went there and sat outside, enjoying the gorgeous weather. I also had their chicken tenders with kale and brussels. SO good.

I used some of my birthday money and got a new Loopy case! These are my favorite cases of all-time. I have used one for almost a year and don’t know that I will ever switch to another type of case.

We spent the evening planning out the two bathrooms we will be redoing. Jake is SO good at this stuff. I am so thankful for him and his ability to figure this kind of stuff out! I just tell him what I like and he makes it happen. Best. Husband. Ever.

Huge thank you to Alex for bringing this cider back to me from Arkansas. It’s delicious! She introduced me to this brewery and I love their ciders.

Jake and I are off to celebrate my birthday! I think we are starting with a family walk.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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