Birthday fun + the best family + sushi is always a good choice!

My birthday was such an incredible day! It was full of fun, good food, a nap, and lots of family time. It started with Rhea stealing my spot when I got up to go to the bathroom in the early morning…HA!

Jake made us some delicious coffee.

Then we headed out for a little family walk before brunch.

After our walk, we headed to Gailey’s for brunch. A mimosa was a must.

I had something new – the Ozark Benedict. It was super good! A biscuit topped with sausage, eggs, and gravy. MMM.

Jake made my day so special. We drove around my birthday present, Gertrude, my new car. She’s beautiful.

After brunch, we headed over to my friend, Katie’s, house to snuggle her little boy, Otis. He is the best little dude. We love him so much! Thank you for letting us (me…I hogged him) love on him!.

After cuddling Otis, I had a three hour webinar, then took a little nap. Jake headed into work around 4. My sweet sister-in-law came over to hang out for a little bit, then I met my family (Kayla included) at Niji for sushi.

I love Niji’s house salads.

I had salmon nigiri and Kayla and I shared three other rolls. Everything was SO delicious.

I think year 32 is going to be the best one yet! Thank you, everyone, for all of your kind birthday wishes. You sure know how to make an ole gal feel special! <3

Happy Friday, friends!

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