The best taco salad + house progress + birthday massage!

I look forward to this lunch every day. Tacos are life . I love the combo of lentils and black beans with the mango salsa I’ve been using. 10/10 recommend.

After lunch, we spent most of the day working at the house. We worked on tackling all the glue that was left in the guest room. The wallpaper peeled off super easily in this room, but the glue was another story. I ended up just using my steamer to get the glue off and it worked so great! I got half the room finished.

We almost spent probably an hour and a half trying f to decide big things for the remodel. We will be taking out a walk, completely changing the bathrooms, redoing the kitchen, etc. It was fun to talk through everything and see what would work best.

We went to dinner with my parents. Jake and I shared the salmon and it was amazing.

I somehow turned my alarm off this morning, so I was rushing to get a workout in before my office hours. I needed a sweatshirt when I got outside. It was amazing. I love this weather.

I get a massage later and I am so excited! Each year, I always use some of my birthday money to get one.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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