Lu is a good driver + more house stuff + fall runs are the best runs!

Lu is the best driver. I think she loves the new car almost as much as I do!

Jake took the red shutters off of our house. We have been debating painting them another color or leaving them off. I think we will leave them off for a little bit and just go from there!

I only have ONE wall left in our guest room! THANK GOODNESS! This wallpaper steamer has been the best purchase ever.

Another taco salad for lunch after working at the house for a little bit.

Kayla brought this delicious pineapple ale back from Arkansas for me. It’s SO delicious. Jake and I shared one with lunch.

We got to watch this cutie for a little bit yesterday, too. Banks is the snuggliest, sweetest little boy. He loved being outside.

He only wanted to sleep like this, of course I didn’t mind the cuddles.

We rode with a group of girls last night. The weather was amazing! I wish it was this temperature all the time.

Rhea stole my spot this morning when I got up for my run. She’s such a goof.

Fall running is the best running. Hands-down. I think Rhea agrees.

Happy Friday, friends!


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  1. Kris

    Sweet cuddles for sure! I’d leave the shutters off, but hey, it’s your home. And, looks like a lovely one at that👍❤

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