Crazy busy + the best cuddles + a little date

Lu wanted to give me all the cuddles yesterday. I loved it. She does this super cute thing where she presses her head against yours and it just makes me heart melt.

This week has been crazy busy, which is good. I got asked to teach a fourth class on Friday. I didn’t have access to it until Monday. The course started at the beginning of the semester in August, but nothing was being done. I have to build it from scratch and try to teach 15 weeks in 10 weeks. HA! Luckily, I have taught a similar course at another university, so I’ll be able to pull from what I did there. Mildly stressful. On top of that course, I need to grade everything in my other three courses from last week, get caught up on what they’re doing this week (I am reading everything with them right now since this is my first time teaching this courses), revise a manuscript for publication, attend meetings, and then just balance the rest of life. I work best when I’m busy, so this is good. Sometimes you just need to grade while standing at the kitchen counter.

I had leftovers for lunch while I read a couple of chapters. Arris pizza with ranch and Sriracha. YUM.

After a morning of work, I hopped onto a mentoring meeting with three other female faculty members. These meetings are SO helpful. I have learned so much from them during my first year. There’s a lot of different things that go into being a faculty member. Our mentor in these meetings is helping us learn to navigate all of our responsibilities. She’s wonderful.

After my meeting, I knocked out a little more work, then decided my brain was just DONE. I showered and got ready for a little dinner date with Jake. I am still bloated, but it’s slowly going down. I was able to get a pair of skinny jeans on, so I’ll take that as a mini success, ha!

Jake ran an errand before we went to dinner, so I made a drink and worked on a little editing.

We went to Brew Co for dinner and it was delicious. We both had their new brat meal and holy yum – so good.

I also tried their new spicy pumpkin margarita. It was amazing. I didn’t really taste the pumpkin, it was more orange tasting, but I loved it.

It was nice to get out of the apartment for a little bit. Have I mentioned how ready I am to move? Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy our apartment (other than the jerks that live above us), but it’s kind of dark and our new house has so many windows and is so light. I can’t wait for us to be there full-time.

After dinner, we came home and crawled into bed. Rhea cuddled both of us at once.

Sometimes you need a little nightcap while watching Gilmore Girls in bed.

I woke up to Rhea on my shoulder like this. This girl…she sure loves her cuddles.

I have office hours this morning, then need to spend some time building the new class, editing a paper, and grading. I have a meeting later and want to take the girls on a long walk. It’s beautiful out.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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